Technical Resources

Geomorphic Reclamation in New Mexico, A Regulator’s Perspective

Compares traditional mine reclamation approaches to the GeoFluv approach in New Mexico, USA

Disturbed Land Reclamation Design and Construction Using Fluvial Geomorphic Techniques

Application of the Fluvial Geomorphic approach to Mined Land in Colorado, USA

The Importance of Fluvial Geomorphic Landform Characteristics to Ensuring Stability Against Erosion and Their Use in Landform Design

Importance of Fluvial Geomorphic Landform characteristicsThe fluvial geomorphic approach to designing landforms that are stable against erosion and promote sustainable land development, requires that essential landform characteristics are incorporated into the landform and that the characteristics are correctly inter-related for proper function. The GeoFluvTM approach to landform design uses measurements of these essential landform characteristics […]

Making and Building a Fluvial Geomorphic Reclamation Design at an active Dragline Mine using the GeoFluv Design Method

A surface coal mine in southwest Wyoming designed and regraded 100 acres in 2006 using the Natural Regrade software with the GeoFluvTM design approach. Most of the spoil grading was done with a walking dragline. Final contours were completed with dozers.