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Mining Rehabilitation – Using Geomorphology to engineer ecologically sustainable landscapes

G.R. Hancock, J.F. Martin Duque, G. R. Willgoose

This paper provides an excellent overview of the current status of Mining Rehabilitation around the world. It provides a history of mining rehabilitation processes and describes the current trend towards using “geomorphic” approach, including the software design and analysis tools that are available.

USA GeoFluv Study Tour – Sept 2024

In September 2024, GeoFluv Associates invite you to join a two-week study trip in the USA, to visit a number of mines that have implemented the GeoFluv method for Natural landform reclamation. This trip is an opportunity to see the reclamation sites themselves, and to understand the benefits achieved from using the GeoFluv approach. Participants will have ample opportunity to speak with all mine personnel involved in every aspect of design, construction and monitoring.  Please contact Rod Eckels at Landforma if you are interested in participating and receiving further information .

Natural Regrade 2018 features

Please view this link to view a recently released 13 minute video that provides an overview of Natural Regrade and the latest software features that have been implemented in 2018.

Dr. Yaron Ziv visits USA Natural Regrade reclamation sites

Dr. Yaron Ziv of Ben-Gurion University of Negev, Israel, toured Natural Regrade reclamation sites on March 2017 with Nicholas Bugosh, developer of the GeoFluv™ reclamation design method that is used in Carlson Software’s Natural Regrade.

Bugosh accompanied Dr. Ziv as they viewed more than 2000 acres of mining-disturbed lands at active and fully reclaimed mine sites to see how companies are efficiently constructing these functional landforms during mining and how the land has responded after reclamation.

Dr. Ziv, a spatial ecologist, was very impressed that the reclaimed land provided ecological niches that support a diverse ecosystem and that the sites have withstood extreme storms (approaching 200-year recurrence interval) without requiring maintenance and repair.

Following the tour, Dr. Ziv said he was excited about the opportunities to use Natural Regrade with the GeoFluv method for proposed large mining projects in the Israeli desert.

Reclamation Tour March 2017

2011 Earth Science Achievement Awards

SANTA FE, NM – Charles Thomas, Acting Division Director the New Mexico Mining and Minerals Division and Dr. Peter Scholle, State Geologist and Director of the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources today presented the 2011 New Mexico Earth Science Achievement Awards at the rotunda of the state capitol building to Mr. Nicholas Bugosh and Representative Madalena.

Mr. Nicholas Bugosh and Representative Madalena receive the 2011 New Mexico Earth Science Achievement Award

Nicholas Bugosh received the award for his pioneering contributions to geomorphic reclamation. Initially developed in New Mexico and now being adopted throughout the world, geomorphic reclamation is the process of constructing watersheds on disturbed lands that simulate the relatively stable topography that the erosive forces of nature would eventually form over a very long time.

The approximation of natural drainage patterns reduces erosion and sedimentation by creating shorter slopes with correct profiles, and improves the conditions for re-vegetation.

Mr. Bugosh is currently the principal of Geofluv, Inc., which provides worldwide geomorphic reclamation training and design services. His training in geology and hydrology includes a B.S. in Geology and an M.S. in Earth Sciences.

Secretary Prukop Congratulates San Juan Coal Company’s La Plata Mine

SANTA FE – Secretary Prukop applauded San Juan Coal Company’s La Plata Mine operations for receiving a national award for exemplary coal mine reclamation from the Department of Interior’s Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement. The La Plata Mine, located in northwest New Mexico, used the best technology currently available to control erosion and sedimentation and to achieve enhancement of wildlife habitat and related environmental resources.

Gaining access to Seam 1 at Panel 5, Sundance Pit, in 2001

“Bravo San Juan Coal Company,” stated Joanna Prukop, Cabinet Secretary for New Mexico Energy Minerals and Natural Resources Department. “Their work to restore the contours of the land to its natural state enhances wildlife habitat and helps control erosion and sediment.”

San Juan Coal Company’s reclamation efforts provide for long-term stability and topographic diversity. The
geomorphic-based reclamation creates stable, maintenance-free landforms. In addition, improved topographic diversity enhances wildlife habitat by creating windbreaks and security areas

The New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department nominated the reclamation work at La Plata Mine. Their nomination was one of four mines nationwide to receive this honor. They received the award last week at a ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Topdressing lay-down underway at Panel 5 high wall reclamation, Sundance Pit, in 2008

Since 1986, the Office of Surface Mining has presented awards to coal mine operators who have completed exemplary reclamation. A similar program for abandoned mine land reclamation began in 1992. The objective of the active mine reclamation awards is to showcase the nation’s highest achievement in environmentally sound surface mining and land reclamation and to encourage the exchange of successful reclamation techniques.