Technical Resources

Lecture on Geomorphic Rehabilitation – Rebuilding Natural Landscapes at Mined Sites

by Jose F. Martin Duque, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain José F. Martin Duque, Associate Professor, Complutense University of Madrid (Spain), is a leading expert in Geomorphic Mine Rehabilitation (GMR) research. His extensive work has included modelling and design, utilization, monitoring and publications in this topic since 1995. He directs a specialized GMR research and […]

The Squiggly Ditch: A Case Study

An informative case study presentation detailing the benefits of the GeoFluv and Natural Regrade reclamation process…

Geomorphic Reclamation in New Mexico, A Regulator’s Perspective

Compares traditional mine reclamation approaches to the GeoFluv approach in New Mexico, USA

Disturbed Land Reclamation Design and Construction Using Fluvial Geomorphic Techniques

Application of the Fluvial Geomorphic approach to Mined Land in Colorado, USA