Useful Links

Natural Regrade 2018 Update Video

13 Minute Video explaining the latest updates and features of Natural Regrade

ABC Investigates Mine Rehabilitation in the Hunter Valley

The Mangoola mine featured in this video have adopted the GeoFluv approach to create natural landforms from their waste dumps

This site has been established by Nicholas Bugosh – who created and developed the GeoFluv™ approach to land rehabilitation.

Geomorphic Restoration - Spain

GeoFluv design software and training in Spain, and Central and South America

Office Surface Mining Geomorphic Reclamation

Papers on Rehabilitation using Fluvial Geomorphic approaches - select 'Show All'

Mining Technology - Technology for Closing Mines

Latest Technology to Assist with Closing Mines

Carlson is the software company behind Natural Regrade with GeoFluv™. Here you'll find more information about the software.