Carlson Natural Regrade with GeoFluv™

Natural Regrade software has been developed by Carlson Software in the USA to promote a natural approach to landscape design and rehabilitation. Like all Carlson Products, Natural Regrade can run as an application with a license of AutoCAD (for customers with AutoCAD) or with the in-built version of Intellicad (that contains the critical CAD commands for Natural Regrade.

Natural Regrade incorporates the GeoFluv approach to landscape design as well as adding CAD capability and earthworks calculation tools for project design and monitoring.

Some important features of the software include:

  • The user is guided step-by-step through the landscape design process using the GeoFluv approach. Immediate feedback is provided to the user about critical design parameters (eg. drainage density, cut / fill balance).
  • Powerful visualisation tools are incorporated to enable the user to inspect the landscape design in 3D from any angle. These visualisation tools are also ideal for presenting the final design to other interested parties.
  • Detailed hydrological data is available for all water channels incorporated in the design, including channel plan-view and cross-sectional geometry, bankfull depths, shear stress etc.
  • Design evaluation tools are provided to enable the user to check all aspects of the design against critical landform design element values.
  • Earthworks calculations are provided that report the amount of cut of fill required for the design. Changes can be easily made to the design to balance the site. At each design iteration, earthworks quantities are displayed.
  • Mass Haul Diagrams for each design are created to help and assist mine operations planning and budgeting.

Maintenance Plan

The Carlson Suite of software is constantly being updated and upgraded to meet the needs of the market. An annual maintenance plan is offered to customers to enable them to take advantage of all updates and upgrades that are made each year.