Landforma Services

About Landforma

Landforma is your Australian resource for information in the field of sustainable land rehabilitation. We are committed to providing the latest information on the GeoFluv™ design methodology and how it can be applied to the land rehabilitation process.

Our vision is to provide an information resource and solutions for any industry looking for a more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way to reclaim and rehabilitate disturbed land.

Landforma offers the following services:


Landforma is able to discuss a range of software training options with you. We can arrange training for small groups or for one site at a time – face to face or on-line. If you would like to learn more about training on the GeoFluv approach, please contact Rod Eckels.


Landforma staff have been trained on the GeoFluv™ approach and are able to support your needs and applications. For the most advanced technical issues, Landforma is pleased to call on the services of Nicholas Bugosh – the architect of the GeoFluv™ approach.

Consulting Services

If you would like to see how the GeoFluv™ approach works and how designs are developed, you may consider sub-contracting your first job. Landforma will consult with your team and analyse your requirements to create a GeoFluv™ design specific to your needs, providing a fast, no-risk solution to your rehabilitation project. For more information on Landforma consulting services, please contact Rod Eckels.