Technical Resources

Restoring Erosional Features in the Desert

This paper was published in Coal Age Magazine in 2006 and describes the efficiency of using GPS guided earth moving equipment to build GeoFluv designs to create award -winning Mine Rehabilitation.  

Geomorphic Reclamation of Mined Lands in Spain

This paper describes eight examples of truly geomorphic reclamation on mined lands in Spain.  For similar papers, please link to the Office of Surface mining Geomorphic Reclamation Page.

Evaluating Sediment Production from Watersheds at La Plata Mine

This paper was delivered at the Office of Surface “Advances in Geomorphic Reclamation at Coal Mines” Forum held in Albuquerque, NM in May 2014. It describes a study undertaken at the La Plata Mine to test the effectiveness of its geomorphic reclamation to reduce sediment loading from reclamation areas

Natural Approach to Mined Land Rehabilitation

A major challenge of open pit mine operations is to efficiently dump the overburden waste material in a cost effective way. The traditional approach is to pile the overburden material in a large pyramid shaped “dump”. The advantages…

A Summary of Some Land Surface and Water Quality Monitoring Results for Constructed GeoFluv Landforms

Summary of Some Land Surface and Water Quality Monioring Results Modern mining methods can drastically change landforms in the project area. Traditional reclamation grading methods often do not address all the criteria that must be met for the desired post-mining land use including water quality standards, in-stream uses, vegetation diversity and other reclamation criteria. Inability […]